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Dental Check-ups at
Station Square Dental

Visiting our clinic for regular check-ups is one of the most effective ways to maintain good oral health and hygiene, as well as to prevent dental disease. We recommend patients attend a dental exam every six months, although this will vary depending on your dental history. Our experienced dentists will assess your mouth and tell you how often you should schedule an examination.

Your Routine Dental Check-up: What to Expect

Dr Priya and patient in chairWhen you visit our practice for your routine dental exam, our experienced dentist will first discuss with you what your oral health and hygiene concerns are, along with how we can help. We will also take all of the digital imagery required, including intra and oral photos, as well as X-rays to help us gain a more comprehensive overview of in-between your teeth and your jaw bone levels. This also assists us to locate any decay in places we cannot see with our eye.

From here, our dentist will begin your examination, starting from the outside of your head and neck area, and moving to the inside of your mouth; your jaw joints, muscles, soft tissues, gums, and teeth. We assess your risk of sleep apnoea and look for any signs of tooth grinding or wear (which could indicate Bruxism).

Our dentist will also note down the condition of every tooth and restoration, allowing us to keep a thorough record of your dental health each time you visit.

Once the examination is complete, our dentist will discuss their findings with you and show you your digital imagery as reference. We can then determine the best treatment moving forward and share all of your available options with you.

Want to Learn More?

Remember, prevention is better than cure, so we advise you to schedule your routine check-up at Station Square Dental today. We treat patients of all ages, so why not book an appointment for your loved ones too?


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